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Building Enclosures

The SCAF-LITE enclosure system is for the customer that needs a durable enclosure system that can be installed one time and hold up through the duration of the project they are working on. It is targeted towards the customer that is tired of buying string poly and installing it multiple times throughout the project because it fails repeatedly in a windy environment. Temporary Heating Technologies is an authorized dealer of the SCAF-LITE and other Eagle products manufactured by Eagle Industries out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Building Enclosure
SCAF-LITE Enclosure
Typical Uses

  • Marine
  • Institutional
  • Governmental
  • Residential/Condo
  • Commercial
  • Premium SCAF-LITE

  • easiest system to install
  • installs horizontally or vertically
  • simple attachments (bungee ties & screwlocs)
  • fits any standard scaffold
  • is UV stabilized
  • is flame retardant and non flame available
  • Meets Boston Fire Code
  • Temporary Heating Technologies believe that the SCAF-LITE system is the best enclosure product available. It has the durability we demand, and the price point to give you the most system for your project dollar. This high-strength sheeting attaches quickly and easily for creating an airtight, waterproof enclosure that protects against wind, rain, cold and inclement weather.

    Cable Tie for SCAF-LITE Enclosures
    SCAF-LITE Cable Tie
    Why we recommend Premium SCAF-LITE:
    • SCAF-LITE provides a temperature controlled work environment while protecting the public from jobsite hazards.
    • SCAF-LITE eyelet bands provide over 2,000 possible attachment points per roll — more than any other scaffold sheeting product on the market!
    • SCAF-LITE firmly secures to any scaffold structure using elastic Bungee Ties.
    Example of Stringpoly Enclosers
    String or Woven Poly enclosure after being exposed to adverse weather for a short time.
    SCAF-LITE system vs. 6 mil string poly sheeting
    • SCAF-LITE has more than twice the thickness 11-12 mil base material and 20 – 24mil on the reinforcing strips.
    • SCAF-LITE installs in half the time of a string poly system and when installed properly will last the entire project without failure.
    • String Poly will most certainly be replaced multiple times in a rough environment, and the customer incurs the labor costs every time string poly is reinstalled. Once you've installed string poly for the second time, you'll exceed what you would have spent on a SCAF-LITE enclosure system.
    • When you compare material costs of the SCAF-LITE material, bungees and tape vs. 6 mil string poly, wire, windclips, framing, etc. the cost per square foot is very similar. The minute you duplicate your efforts with string poly after a failure, you have far exceeded the cost of a SCAF-LITE system.
    • SCAF-LITE can be uninstalled and re-used. String poly can not.
    • SCAF-LITE installs faster than string poly, and can be installed from inside the scaffold. The poly system will require people on both sides of the material during installation. A boomlift may also be required to complete the string poly installation.
    • The SCAF-LITE system attaches to anything with the bungee ties. These ties stretch to create a flexible enclosure system. This flexible system holds up better than string poly that is rigidly wired to a structure.
    • The SCAF-LITE is a much better looking system than poly when installed properly.
    • SCAF-LITE can be used to enclose mason scaffold or anything else that needs to be protected throughout a project.

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