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Cost Estimating Service using our Specialized Heat Loss Program

Are you finding it difficult to put accurate dollar figures into your bids without blowing your estimate sky high?  We offer a free estimating service to our customers that will give you real numbers to put into your bids that will make your bids as competitive as possible.

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DryAir Cost Comparison
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With our specialized computer program we can determine the best method of heating your project either with indirect or make up air equipment. We can accurately estimate heat loss and fuel costs and design around any building condition or outside temperature. We can also offer estimates on enclosure material if your exterior structure will not be completed at the time heat will be needed.

Let us do a comparison for you between the fuel and rental costs of Indirect Heat versus the fuel and rental costs of make up air equipment to help you determine the best method of heating your project. If you will be heating all winter and will have a decent building envelope, we can probably cut your fuel costs by a minimum of 50% or more and eliminate water vapor produced from make up air equipment which will shorten drying times during finishes.

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