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  • Cut fuel costs by 50%
  • Completely eliminate moisture
  • Customizable rental solutions
Several temporary heating units stationed outside of a construction site. The units are owned by Temporary Heating Technologies as marked by a sticker.

Temporary Heating Technologies specializes in heating projects with indirect heat

Whether you require one heater or a system of a hundred, Temporary Heating Technologies specializes in preparing businesses for upcoming cold weather.

We make it incredibly convenient to fulfill your temporary, portable, supplemental, or emergency heating rental requirements. Temporary Heating Technologies is available around the clock to design and engineer the ideal heating solution tailored to your business's specific project demands.

Our diverse heating fleet encompasses direct-fired, indirect-fired, flameless, hydronic/ground, electric, steam, and heat pumps. We also offer heating blankets and building enclosures. We have an extensive rental selection featuring the most commonly requested items by businesses like yours.


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Rental Equipment

No matter the heating hurdles you face, Temporary Heating Technologies offers a wide selection of rental equipment and climate solutions that will be available precisely when you require them. Our in-direct-fired heaters are highly efficient, ranging from 400,000 to 1 million BTUs per hour and compatible with various fuel types. We offer electrical heating units reaching up to 205,000 BTUs per hour. Should these popular choices not align with your requirements, we have alternative heaters ready to step in. We also offer ground thaw equipment, insulating blankets and portable heat exchangers. Our skilled team will swiftly devise an optimal strategy to address your specific heating needs.

Rental indirect-fired heaters

Rental electric heaters

Rental ground thaw heaters

Insulating blankets

Scaflite building enclosures

Get real numbers to put in your bids with our FREE cost estimates. Our heat loss program can calculate and determine the best way to heat or cool your project based on building envelope conditions and outside temperature.

We can cut your fuel cost by 50% and completely remove water with indirect heat, cooling and dehumidification systems. Let us control your temperature and humidity on your construction or restoration site.

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