Indirect Heating

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Why use indirect heating?

Using Indirect Fired Heat can cut your fuel costs by up to 70% of that used by a conventional make up air direct fired heating system. Using Indirect Fired Heat will also dramatically speed the drying process during finish stages because it does not introduce any moisture into the work space as compared to a make up air direct fired system that can introduce large amounts of water every hour into your work space slowing the drying process.

Water Restoration Building Drying
There is a new method of removing moisture from structures after an occurrence. Indirect Fired heating equipment is the newest method being used to remove water from a structure. In many circumstances Indirect Fired Heat can be cheaper and faster than conventional LGR or desiccant dehumidifiers in removing water and moisture from a structure. We at Temporary Heating Technologies have developed a method of using Indirect Fired Heating equipment in conjunction with dense cooler outside air to remove water quickly and effectively from structures. Contact Us and consult with one of our experts to see if indirect heat will fit into your drying program.

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Indirect Fired Heat

When the air is heated indirectly from the heat source through some form of a heat exchanger either air to air (fire box) or fluid to air (radiator) in most cases. Click here to see our complete line of Indirect Fired Heaters.

Portable Heat Exchangers

Our portland heat exchangers are ideal for your heating, drying and climate control applications.


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