Temporary Indirect Heat

Temporary Heating Technologies offers the newest and most technologically advanced heaters with a choice over 60 models specifically designed to meet your needs. Choose from any fuel types and BTU sizes ranging from 90,000 up to 1,500,000. We have every need covered.


Gas and Oil Fired Heaters

Basic details of each heater are provided below. Full specification sheets for each heater are also available for download.

Model: VG400

BTU: 400,000
Fuel Type: Propane or Natural Gas
Power Supply: 120V

Model: VG1000

BTU: 1,000,000
Fuel Type: Propane or Natural Gas
Power Supply: 208-240V 1Ø

Model: VG-700

BTU: 700,000
Fuel Type: Propane or Natural Gas
Power Supply: 240V/15 Amp

Model FVO-400

BTU: 395,000
Fuel Type: Oil
Power Supply: 115V/60Hz/1Ph/15Amp

Model: FVN-400

BTU: 395,000
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Power Supply: 115V/60Hz/1Ph/15Amp

Model: FVP-400

BTU: 395,000
Fuel Type: Propane
Power Supply: 115V/60Hz/1Ph/15Amp

Portable Electric Heaters

For some environments, electric heaters are the ideal solution. In relatively small enclosures, with ready access to 120 volt, 208-240 volt or 480 volt
power, these heaters are quiet and clean. There are no by-products of combustion so electric heaters are safe for many applications
where air quality is of utmost concern.

Model: E 1.5, E9 and 40E/60E

BTU: 5,100 – 205,000
Fuel Type: Natural Gas



Portable Heat Exchangers

Models 80, 200 and 600
Ideal for heating, drying and climate control applications. Their compact
and mobile design allows them to be positioned where required on the
job site.

Ground Thaw Equipment

Thaw Capacities from 2200 sq/ft up to 14,000 sq/ft


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