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Portable Cooling Systems for Your Office or Construction Sites

Temporary Heating Technologies offers a full line of Portable Cooling Systems from Kwikool.

Check out the only two ton unit available that will run off of
120V/20 Amp circuit.
Typcial Uses:
  • Primary Cooling
  • Computer Rooms
  • Telecommunication Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Building & Construction Sites
  • Offices
  • Laboratories
  • Classrooms
  • Factory Zones
  • Supplemental Cooling
  • Construction Trailers
  • many more!
  • The ICE AIR Strategic Air Center can truly be used in almost any environmental condition. It is rated from 60º to 110ºF and functions perfectly as a spot cooler. But it does more – much, much more. The ICE AIR Strategic Air Center has a thermostatic expansion valve which adjusts the flow of freon to suit the ambient conditions. Also, its sophisticated microprocessor control system and advanced constant pressure with fan-control freeze protection allow the unit to maintain a temperature set point with pinpoint accuracy for critical environments at temperatures down to 60ºF. The diagram here shows ICE AIR’s unique I/O Integral Condenser system compared to a spot cooler. This exclusive feature brings air from outside of the conditioned space to cool its condenser, then pumps the hot air back outside of the cooled room totally isolating the condenser air from the enclosed area. This is a balanced air flow system.

    • Balanced Air Flow (Isolated)
    • Neutral Effect on Room Pressure
    • Allows 100% of Unit‘s Capacity To Be Realized In Conditioned Space
    • Sophisticated Refrigeration Controls Prevent Freezing
    • Freon Controlled By `Thermostatic Expansion Valve Making The SAC Very Efficient!
    • Condenser Air Is Completely Isolated From Conditioned Space

    Kwikool Portable Air Conditioning Units

    Portable air conditioner
    Model: KPO-12
    12 Tons with 4 ducts
    Download Full Specs
    Ice Air Portable Air conditioning
    Model: SWAC 6021-6043
    Cooling Capacity: 60,000
    Download Full Specs
    Portable Air conditioner
    Model: SAC 12023-12043
    Cooling Capacity: 120,000
    Download Full Specs
    Kwikool Air Conditioner
    Model: SAC 1411
    Cooling Capacity: 13,850
    Download Full Specs
    Portable Air Conditioner from Kwikool
    Model: KPAC-1411
    Cooling Capacity: 13,700
    Download Full Specs
    Ice Air Portable Air Conditioner
    Model: SWAC 2411-2421-3021
    Cooling Capacity: 23,500/29,500
    Download Full Specs
    Kwikool Portable Air Conditioner
    Model: SWAC 4221
    Cooling Capacity: 42,000
    Download Full Specs